Pillar 3: Enrich Co-Curricular Opportunities

Any student can explore a range of computational topics via co-curricular opportunities ranging from bite-sized courses and workshops to summer programs and internships.


Duke Technology Scholars (DTech)

The Duke Technology Scholars Program (DTech) is a comprehensive effort to empower the next generation of diverse leaders who will bring increased innovation to the tech industry.  The program centers on the idea that relationships, mentorship, and hands-on experience make the difference in recruiting and retaining such individuals in technology fields.

DTech is a partnership between Duke’s Office of Information Technology, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering.

Innovation Co-Lab

The Innovation Co-Lab is a creativity incubator, focused on exploring how new and emerging technologies can fundamentally reshape the research, academic, and service missions of the university. Through its Roots series, the Co-Lab offers classes in a variety of tech topics, from web design to programming to arts and fabrication. Self-paced training is also available.


Center for Data and Visualization Sciences

The Center for Data and Visualization Sciences (CDVS) partners with researchers and students on data science projects, research, and instruction across the research lifecycle. Through consultations, partnerships, and an expansive series of co-curricular data workshops, CDVS seeks to expand the data community and accelerate data driven discovery at Duke and and beyond. CDVS offers workshops in data science, data management and curation, data visualization, and mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) tools and techniques.

"Plus" summer Programs


A program sponsored by the Rhodes Information InitiativeData+ is a full time ten week summer research experience that welcomes Duke undergraduate and masters students interested in exploring new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges. Students join small project teams (three undergraduates and one masters student at most), and work alongside other teams in a communal environment. Students learn how to marshal, analyze, and visualize data, while gaining broad exposure to the modern world of data science.


Code+ is a full time ten week project-based summer coding experience administered by the Office of Information Technology that exposes Duke undergraduates to the latest leading-edge industry technologies and tools for web and mobile application development. By pairing small teams of students with IT professionals and facilitating engagement with project stakeholders and corporate sponsors, it provides a unique development opportunity that prepares students for coveted industry internships the following summer.


Sponsored by Duke Computer ScienceCS+ is a ten week summer program for Duke undergraduates to get involved in computer science research projects with faculty in a fast-paced but supportive community environment. Students participate in teams of three to four, and are jointly mentored by a faculty project lead and a graduate student. The experience is meant as a rich entry point into computer science research and applications beyond the classroom.