Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistical Science Faculty Invited to Submit a Proposal

The central goal of the first pillar of CCT is to catalyze innovation within computing majors and minors. CCT’s vision is that students pursuing computing majors at Duke (CS, ECE, Mathematics, and Statistics) will be well trained in rigorous computational thinking and quantitative reasoning with the opportunity to pursue flexible, personalized pathways through an interdisciplinary curriculum that includes experiential and team learning.

The CCT welcomes proposals from regular rank faculty in CS, ECE, Math, or Statistics to conduct experiments or propose improvements that will contribute to the above vision within their major courses or curricula. 

Awarded funds may be used to improve an existing computing course (particularly introductory courses or those contributing to the core of a computing major; any undergraduate course will be considered), to improve the academic experience of computing majors (for example, by developing new courses, major concentrations, or interdepartmental majors between a computing major and another major), or to inject computing in novel ways into the major curriculum. Experiments that involve mastery learning or employ novel instructional models are encouraged.

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