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Heureka labs is a community of thinkers becoming more efficient, innovative, and impactful. Using data science, we find patterns in complex data to gain information and understanding. Although many of our classes are targeted at students within the life sciences and medicine, the ideas are broadly applicable and relevant across interests and disciplines. In partnership with the CCT, Heureka Labs is developing learning materials and exposure to thought leaders for a broader Duke audience.

Classes & Meetups

Heureka Labs began as a two week-long introductory class to R and data science given to Duke graduate students last fall entitled “tidybiology”. This “zero entry” course covered key concepts like data wrangling and visualisation, assuming no prior knowledge of data science or computer programming. This course later developed into a “bootcamp-style” introduction to DS, which was conducted last winter at the Duke Molecular Physiology Institute (DMPI). Most recently, we have partnered with Larry Carin and +DS to expand the scope of our teaching, to include Duke clinicians, and more recently the CCT COVID-19 symposium for Duke, UNC, and RTP colleagues. 

We also hold monthly meetups, during which we meet with experts in data science, tackle a specific programming or computational concept, and/or do a live code-along. Recent meet-up topics have ranged from technical pathway analyses using a given list of genes to data visualization principles.


From the earliest beginnings of this project, we have developed an inclusive environment and engaged both members of Duke and the wider community who are interested in learning and developing data science skills. Our dedicated website at hosts courses, videos, and content to share computational thinking principles. 

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