The Center for Computational Thinking (CCT) recognizes that students from different disciplines have different needs and interests, and will organize and provide training and opportunities in computation that are customized for different interests.

The CCT will prepare all Duke graduates to apply computational thinking to their ideas, challenges, and opportunities. Courses are combined with mentorship, hands-on experience, and teamwork, preparing Duke students to succeed in the modern workforce.


Technical Majors and Minors

Every student in technical majors and minors can pursue flexible, personalized pathways through an interdisciplinary curriculum marrying computing, liberal arts, and societal grand challenges that emphasize experiential and team learning.

CCT + Technical Majors

All Majors and Minors

Every major, minor, and certificate program can explore pedagogical innovation arising from the infusion of computational thinking into its curriculum.

CCT + Non-Technical Majors

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Any student can explore computational topics via co-curricular opportunities ranging from bite-sized courses and workshops to summer programs and internships.

CCT + Co-Curricular Opportunities

Computational Literacy

Every student will gain the computational literacy that enables them to understand the impact of technology, to harness its power in their life, and to be a responsible citizen in our the digital society.

CCT + Computational Literacy