Inaugural Fellow

Ranthony Edmonds is the inaugural Computational and Mathematical Science Fellow joining Duke in Fall 2023. She will be working in topological data analysis and computational redistricting. She is sponsored by the CCT, iiD, and the Duke Mathematics Department and holds an NSF MPS Ascending Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Ranthony Edmonds Homepage

The Duke Fellows in Computational and Mathematical Science Program aims to  bring to Duke a few select junior scientists working in the interdisciplinary mathematical and computational sciences at the postdoctoral level. The program is funded by the Center for Computational Thinking (CCT) and the Rhodes Information Initiative at Duke (iiD).

The fellows will be mentored by Duke Faculty and will participate in CCT and iiD outreach and educational initiatives. In return the program will provide significant support to help cover the follow's salary.

The program preferentially supports those who broaden the Duke computational and mathematical sciences community both intellectually and in terms of bolstering underrepresented groups.