New Self-Paced Co-Lab Roots Courses: Git and LInux

Professors, Colleagues, Student Leaders,

I’m writing to share a mid-semester update on the Innovation Co-Lab, and share a new learning opportunity we have just released today: Self-Paced Roots classes in Linux and Git.

We love seeing students, staff, and faculty in our in-person or online Roots courses, but we know that sometimes the timing of these live classes didn’t line up with their busy schedules.  We also know that many faculty are interested in recommending Roots courses to their students, but need the timing of the courses and their syllabus to line up, which may not always happen.  Starting today, we’ll have two of our most sought-after courses available to the Duke Community to complete anytime, at their own pace: Intro to Linux and Intro to Git.  These courses will be offered on a platform called EdStem Lessons, which offers a complete learning environment featuring Co-Lab-produced videos, step-by-step tutorials, and live command prompts/editors all in a single browser window.  For more information, visit the link for Intro to Linux or Intro to Git.

All of our self-paced learning experiences, including these full courses as well as a variety of shorter tutorials and exercises, can be found at  And of course, we still have our usual Roots classes running nearly daily at this point in the semester as well.

We invite you to check out these new courses, share them widely with students, groups, and classes, and please send along any feedback you have about these courses or others that would work well in this asynchronous format.

Thanks for your continued support!

Michael Faber
Senior Manager, Academic Technologies
Duke University Office of Information Technology

PS – We’re still hiring students to work in the Co-Lab Studios: