CDVS Online Data Workshops and Events – April 2021

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Ethical Practices for Sharing Data

Do you work with human subjects? Are you being asked by a funder or journal to share your data beyond the original research team for the purposes of reproducibility, transparency, and reuse? Writing consent forms that allow for data sharing is an important step! In an upcoming workshop on April 14, the Center for Data and Visualization Sciences will provide an overview of informed consent language for data sharing, de-identification considerations, and other resources to support ethical and equitable data practices. Registration required and seating is limited! RCR credits available for graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Upcoming Virtual Workshops

CDVS continues to offer a full workshops series for the latest strategies and tools for data focused research. Upcoming workshops for April include:

Slides with Rmarkdown: Xaringan
Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021 6pm-8pm
Part of the DataFest Workshop Series. R markdown is a means of applying structure to the prose in your coding document.  Using R Markdown and the xaringan package, attendees will integrate code with natural language (i.e. prose) to render presentation slides as a reproducible report.  The method of integrating code with prose is known as literate coding.  Attendees will focus their energies on rendering slides as one type of report while being introduced to an array of report types that can be generated from the same code.

Ethics of Data Management and Sharing
Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021 1pm-3pm
This workshop will explore the many different ethical issues that can arise with data management and sharing and strategies to address those issues to ensure that goals set by publishers and funders around reproducibility and reuse can be met.  How are researchers expected to comply with data sharing policies and practices when they do not actually own the data or ensure disclosure protection for human participants? Likewise, how can researchers ethically collect, handle, and share data from certain communities, such as Indigenous People? Topics covered will include proper consent procedures, de-identification, the impact of privacy laws on data sharing, and the application of diversity and equity principles to open science and data sharing.

R case study: sentiment analysis
Thursday, Apr 15, 2021 1:30pm-3pm
Building on knowledge from earlier Rfun workshops, learn basic text mining techniques with RStudio and critical packages. Attendees will analyze public domain novels by Jane Austen, wrangle text-data into submission, tokenize corpora, generate word clouds, and be introduced to introductory sentiment analysis.