DataFest 2021 @ Duke

ASA DataFest 2021 will take place virtually over the April 9 – 11 weekend.

Sign up by March 26, 2021 at 11:59p!

More information can be found here:

Event details

When: Friday, April 9 at 6p EST – Sunday, April 11 at 5p EST
Where: Online

On Friday we will start with a welcome event where you will be introduced to the surprise data set you’ll be working with other the weekend. You’ll learn more about the data provider and a bit about what they’d like to get out of the data. The data will likely be much more complex than what you are used to seeing in your classes, and you will be given free reign to analyze it however you like. In other words, you will come up with a research question that is of interest to you, and conduct the appropriate analysis to answer your question. But you are welcomed, and encouraged, to take cues from the client’s introduction when shaping your research question(s).

Projects will be due on Sunday afternoon. Each team will give a brief (5 minute) video presentation of their findings that will be judged by a panel of judges comprised of faculty and professionals from a variety of fields. There will be prizes in many categories, such as best visualization, best use of external data, and best findings. A finalized list of categories will be announced at the beginning of the competition.

What is DataFest?

ASA DataFestTM is a data analysis competition where teams of up to five students attack a large, complex, and surprise data set over a weekend. Your job is to represent your school by finding and communicating insights into these data. The teams that impress the judges will win prizes as well as glory for their school. Everyone will have a great experience, lots of food, and fun!

ASA DataFestTM is also a great opportunity to gain experience that employers are looking for. Having worked on a data analysis problem at this scale will certainly help make you a good candidate for any position that involves analysis and critical thinking, and it will provide a concrete example to demonstrate your experience during interviews.

ASA DataFestTM at Duke is organized by the Department of Statistical Science at Duke University, and co-hosted by the Departments of Statistics and Operations Research at UNC and Statistics at NCSU.