Undergraduate Student Grants for Winter Break: Applications Now Open

The Undergraduate Research Office (URS) Remote Winter IDEA Grant is a special grant offered during Winter 2020 Break to promote exploration of a research idea or help defray the costs of an ongoing research project. To be considered for an IDEA grant, students must submit an application no later than December 15, 2020, be enrolled in undergraduate courses for spring 2021, and be able to provide a brief recommendation from staff or faculty affiliated with Duke. It is not necessary for the recommendation to come from a formal mentor within the student’s current major.

This grant makes funds available to purchase approved supplies and equipment for the research project. Among other things, URS Remote Winter IDEA Grant funds may be used to purchase equipment specifically related to supporting remote research or projects this winter break. Examples include software licenses, transcription fees, survey participant incentives, mTurk survey participants, conference or meeting registration fees, fees to access journals or digital archives not available through the Duke Library, books (not course-related text books) and manuscript publication fees. Funds may NOT be used for computers or other technology, travel, housing, food, on-campus research, credited courses, or salaries. If you have questions about what might be funded, please reach out to ursoffice@duke.edu before applying. Funding is in the form of Non-Compensatory Payment.

For successful applications received by November 30, 2020 at 10:00 am (with recommendation) funds will be made available around December 15, 2020. If submitting your application after November 30, 2020, funds will be made available in the next university billing cycle on January 31, 2021.

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Students can find all the details and apply at: https://undergraduateresearch.duke.edu/urs-programs/urs-remote-winter-idea-grant