Nita Farahany to lead Digital Intelligence: The Ethics of Emerging Technologies during Duke’s Winter Breakaway

Duke’s Winter Breakaway enables students to combine skills such as collaborative leadership, compelling communication across audiences and media, and complex problem solving with technical skills like digital competencies and data analysis. Open to undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, the Winter Breakaway is a learning opportunities between semesters. Some students will add a technical component to their repertoire while others will strengthen their humanistic skills; some students will do both.

“Digital Intelligence: The Ethics of Emerging Technologies” is led by Nita Farahany, a member of the CCT Steering Committee. In this program, students will gain exposure to selected topics in the ethical and social impact of emerging technologies through an applied ethical lens.

Using a flipped-classroom format, students will watch asynchronous videos featuring Professor Farahany interviewing leading technology, ethics, and policy experts as they discuss relevant and timely topics such as algorithmic bias, transparency, deepfakes and misinformation, and corporate surveillance. Students will meet in small discussion groups with discussion leaders from Science & Society to critically engage with a practical ethics approach to the topics presented in the video.

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