CCT will offer “AI for Everyone” in the Duke Winter Breakaway

Duke’s Winter Breakaway offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional students learning opportunities between semesters. The Winter Breakaway enables students to combine skills such as collaborative leadership, compelling communication across audiences and media, and complex problem solving with technical skills like digital competencies and data analysis. Some students will add a technical component to their repertoire while others will strengthen their humanistic skills; some students will do both.

The Center for Computational Thinking will present “AI for Everyone” during the Winter Breakaway. This 2-week program will introduce students to artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications through a focus on machine learning for image analysis and natural language processing.

Emphasizing intuition, simple coding and applications AI for Everyone is suitable for all students regardless of their previous mathematical or computer science knowledge. Case studies will outline the coding software utilized and show how technology is used in practice. 

This program enhances students’ digital literacy and highlights problem-solving. The program will be delivered across ten days covering a variety of topics including problem-solving and collaborative practices in technology, political applications, and professional life. 

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