Duke Launches Center to Bring Computational Thinking to All Students

Duke students will soon emerge more prepared to use data to create new knowledge in a host of disciplines thanks to the newly launched Center for Computational Thinking (CCT).  The new center is a response to the growing demands for more computational skills among new college graduates. It will infuse data literacy across the academic experience while simultaneously preparing students to consider the ethical, legal, and social impacts of technology.

“The CCT will provide training in a co-curricular seminar-style to complement traditional Duke classes, and inspire curricular innovation,” said Tracy Futhey, vice president for information technology and chief information officer.

The new center is an outgrowth of discussions among Futhey, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences Dean Valerie Ashby, Pratt School of Engineering Dean Ravi Bellamkonda, Robert Calderbank, the leader of the Rhodes Information Initiative, and Larry Carin, the vice president for research. Its core faculty come from Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Law and Medicine.

Read the full story at Duke Today: https://today.duke.edu/2020/10/duke-launches-center-bring-computational-thinking-all-students